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Koothanallur is a small town, Between Mannargudi and Thiruvarur in Tamil Nadu, India. It has a population of nearly 40,000 people, majority being the Islamic Community. It is a very active town, where everybody is very active involving themselves in one activity or another.

The history of this village traces back to the ancient period, when there were business contacts with the East - European countries. So no wonder the people are interested in business more than anything else, and earning money by staying in foriegn countries is mixed in their blood. The famous tamil proverb, "Thirai Kadal Odiyum Thiraviyam Thedu" aptly suit for the people of this town, where it is not uncommon to hear that the male in the house is working abroad, either in East Asian Countries, or the Arabian Countries or in American Countries.

One appreciable spirit that is found as common in everybody here is that they love their village more than anything else, even if they are put up else where and even if that place is like a heaven on earth.

We cannot be, without saying a word about the women folk in this village. They maintain their family very well even if their spouse if abroad earning money for their family. The marriages here are celebrated with such joy and happiness that the whole village participates in a marriage that is happening in their village. Most of the women are educated atleast to the +2 level.


Early People History

In early times based on the Historical Literature, our people are known to be Koothan. Infact there are 2 types of Koothan mentioned in the Literature. They were,Vellalaraana kootha mudaliar and Otta Koothaar. It's evidant, descendant of Narikudiyar(family name) was the first family to convert to Islam in Koothanallur.

The early descendant of Koothanallur people might have worked as farmers.
It is understood that various community people have lived harmoniously in Koothanallur. There was no distinction on caste or religion basis. Numerous temples found in and around koothanallur stand as evidence to this fact.

It is also true that, even at that time Koothanallur people were reasonably wealthy enough to employ various community people for their harvesting or other related works.

Beginning of Islam & Growth of Islam

Probably ( AH 550-600 CE 1150-1200),When Islamic Scholars have begin to propagate Islam. Islam might have penetrated into Koothanallur. The initial mosque was built with Coconut Leaf (like a Tent) in the harvesting land which belong to Narikudiyar. Salebbai and Katulebbai were the assistance of first Imam who known to be Arabi Hussain who conduct the daily prayer in Koothanallur mosque.

The Muslim population tend to grow considerably in Koothanallur at the later stages.When great saint Shahul Hameed Badusa(oli..) ( spiritual saga, who was responsible for the existence Nagore Durga & Nagore) Visited koothanallur he was welcomed with hospitality. The prosperity of koothanallurians could also attributed by his Prayer. The first mosque (Big mosque at big street) was build in A.C 1560 .

Village Administration.

The first Village Commitee(Panchayat ) was run by following family
1. Apparowthar
2. Kaanan
3. Noorulappai
4. Sayaraathar
5. Varusai
6. Leppachi
7. Hassanbarathaar
8. Asiyappan

(First 4 People setup this commitee to look after the welfare and manage social issues regarding Koothanallur)

These People Joined later as commitee members.
a. Jammal
b. Kaattuva
c. Parruthikotaiyar.

Initially our village size was about 1 1/8 square kilometer . About 100 years later after Nagore Badusa Nayagam left the village, 2nd mosque was built in Koothanallur.

The other spiritual saga Aalimsha appa came back to Koothanallur after attaining his spritual knowledge by going various places.Aalim Abdul Mahmud Valliyullah was born from the family of Vanchilabbai (father side) (take note that Vanchilabbai was in fact one of the branch of Sayaraathar family) and the mother from Narikudiyaar(the first family in Koothanallur who converted to Islam). He stayed in koothanallur to practice and teach Islamic concept and Thauheed.He was one of the pioneer to attain the Aalim Title (Graduate in Islamic Teaching and History at that time) In the 18th Century.

The first Religious Institute known to be Shaduliya Javiya was started in AH 1227 - CE 1812. It was the first one in Tamil Nadu. Manba-Ul-Ula (Religious Institute as well as Education School) was established in 1892.

Thus we can know that koothanallur has a great history rooting back to so many years. We will update you with more interesting facts about Koothanallur history.

These facts were gathered by Tajdeen. Please forgive me if there is any factual error. Report to us if there is anything need to be changed or corrected with proof.




Thiruvarur is one among the districts of TamilNadu that has rooted its existence to the sangakaala period of TamilNadu.

Even a kid in TamilNadu knows the story of Manu Nidhi Cholan who assassinated his own son a to give justice to Cow. The bell that the cow rang is still there to say his glory to the world.

Koothanallur is small village in this district situated near Mannargudi. It has a population of 40,000, having majority of them as Muslims.


Big Mosque